Party Room!

Party Room

Looking for a great venue to hold a party, meeting or to host a team building event? Escapegoats has
you covered!

Guests can book the party/ meeting space with or without an escape experience. Call for more details or to set up a custom package that suits your needs.

Escape Rooms WA Party Room
The Electric Pinup Dolls meeting in Escapegoats’ Party Room.


Escape room experience for up to 8 people
and Party room use up to 2.5 hours  

Escape room experiences for up to 16 people
& Party room use up 2.5 hours

Escape room experiences for up to 22 people
Party room use for up to 2.5 hours


Party /room  with no escape room, up to 24 people 
This is Party room space only, up to 2.5 hours
$300.00 Each
additional hour is $100.00

Call for a flat rate
or special rates for room usage
and other details.

 Escapegoats provides Tables, chairs, coffee maker and refrigerator.

We do not supply food or drinks but have a list of local area businesses that can provide those services.

Call and book today!